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A Pure Formality

Me and my landlady.

Students and teachers in my BTS classes.

Jacques and Bernadette Chirac.

What do these relationships have in common? (more…)

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Photo: AFP

The situation approximately 602 km north-north east, in the delicious pizza capital of the world, puts my own garbage woes to shame. And it looks like theirs isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

This makes me want margarita pizza. Delicious, garbagey margarita pizza.

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Somewhere in the vast number of French classes I have taken over the years (approx 23), during the “cultural studies” portions, I had, before even studying abroad, been warned that the French educational system differed greatly from that with which I was accustomed. At first, I thought this referred only to the widespread availability of university, which is public, administered by the government almost exactly like middle or high school. The fancy trappings of college campuses, or even the idea of going far from home to attend college are still pretty foreign in France, but I got all of this when I was in Paris. It was difficult to notice any real and meaningful difference in pedagogical approach, considering I’m pretty sure a lecture hall is a lecture hall, sitting a three-hour exam is unpleasant no matter what continent you’re on. (more…)

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As life in Marseille finally begins to calm down, and the many events which have made for such good blogging have come to a close (searching for a home, America camp, strikes, et cetera), I find myself with far too much free time on my hands, which I predicted months ago would be the problem, and yet here I am, with little to no plan to combat the boredom and aimlessness that have accompanied my shift into a relatively peaceful life. (more…)

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Several months ago, I came across the website for an English immersion camp for French children and teenagers, I scanned their website, said “Hey! I speak English!” and decided that working as a counselor there might make a good way to stay in France over the summer after my teaching contract finished, if I so desired. I wrote the link on my desktop notepad and soon forgot about it.

Somewhere around the beginning of August, I rediscovered the link, and looking through it again, I noted that they had a fall break session, and were looking for two more counselors to work over the All Saint’s Day holiday (yes that’s right I got a week and a half off of school for All Saint’s Day. Suckas.). I applied, and after a 5am phone interview (thanks time difference), they hired me. (more…)

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