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You’ve already gotten a brief introduction to the small-town charm espoused (and subsequently marketed) in Aix-en-Provence. It is exactly what you’d expect a French town to be, with it’s narrow, winding streets, innumerable fountains and plethora of delicious-smelling bakeries. Which is precisely why the place is overrun with foreigners, come to experience a “quintessential France” while still being able to shop at American Apparel.

I take the bus to Aix every weekend to give conversation lessons at the English bookstore (generating a firmly negative income as I spend my class earnings immediately on books and scones), but I rarely visit Aix outside of the well-traveled route from the bus station to the bookstore and back. So recently, I decided it was high time to get around to that, and in a way that didn’t make me absolutely poor. It was a great success, a perfect way to spend a sunny spring day in Provence. And, in the spirit of my personal hero, I accomplished the whole day on less than 10€ (not including the copy of The Three Musketeers that I weakly bought at the bookstore). (more…)

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I happened upon Ma part du gateau somewhat accidentally. It was  Printemps du cinéma and movies were 3€ that weekend, so a friend recommended it to me and I figured, nothing to lose, right? And then I arrived in the theatre to find that this is the latest work from none other than Cédric Klapisch (L’auberge espagnole, Les poupées russes), moving on from issues of youthful motivation and life direction to a heavier domain; capitalism, globalization and social inequality are at the heart of this drama, and despite its general awkwardness and heavy-handed treatment of Good and Evil in the form of Socialist and Capitalist, Country Girl and Corrupt Big City Man, it effectively conveys a pressing sense of desperation while making me feel sort of guilty for speaking English. (Warning: Spoilers. But like you’re ever going to watch this movie…) (more…)

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