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Wednesday will mark the one-year anniversary of my journey to Marseille, the one that I thought was going to end with me sleeping in a pile of fishing nets in Martigues, the one that had me begging sad student dorms to let me sleep there, the one, in short, that necessitated the creation of this blog. To commemorate this, I am going to honor one of the things that makes me wish I were still in France: silly yet beautiful interpretations of movies with an obsessive element of social commentary. THAT IS RIGHT DESIGN FETISH IS BACK! (more…)


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French premium cable channel Canal+ has this FANTASTIC ad campaign for its big television movie premiere events. The posters manage to be on-trend with the whole clean, minimalist design that you people seem to love so much, while making some truly superb references, way too witty to be pasted on the wall of a bus shelter. SO HERE I GO BRINGING THEM TO THE INTERWEBZ. Thought I’d share…because, well, they’re awesome. Translations provided with the disclaimer that, like most things, I think it sounds better in French. (more…)

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