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After a surprisingly tear-free farewell to my sister and niece, and an absurdly nice airport employee who let me check a bag that was nine pounds overweight without paying a fee because I practically groveled and took a pair of shoes out and put them in my purse, I am on an airplane, ready to spend the next 28ish hours traveling.

People on this plane are super friendly for some reason: every person in my row has asked where I’m from and the plane door is still open. As I through first class, envying their glasses of water while still on the ground, I took solace at my comparative lack of legroom by the fact that they are all middle-aged white men, LITERALLY all of whom were playing brickbreaker on their Blackberries. Oh wait that just made me more jealous.

The upside: I have some great friends, and during my layover in Paris, I will be able to take a shower and perhaps a nap at an apartment in the 16th arrondissement, and will meet an old friend for coffee at our old and embarrassing haunt, the Bastille Starbucks. Assuming I am not still napping. Also assuming that I don’t miss my connecting flight, which is entirely possible considering my flight qout of Baltimore was delayed for nearly 45 minutes.

Fingers crossed.

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