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On my way back from the supermarket yesterday, I stopped in a park on the lake.

The weather was gorgeous, so I thought I’d sit down and read a bit. Since I got my Kindle a few weeks ago (despite feelings and accusations that such a device would be – for a bibliophile such as myself – totally selling out), I can nowvery easily take advantage when the urge strikes to read, no matter where I am. And now that professors are no longer forcing me to read 300 pages a night, I remember that it’s something that I actually like to do. Go figure.

I took a seat on a park bench right next to the water, and powered up to Oliver Twist, which I’ve been reading since the plane ride over. I find his crappy predicaments help to put the state of my apartment hunting into perspective.

After only a few moments, I came to the realization that with the screaming kids at the playground to my right and the high school kids, just out of school, taking up a familiar loitering stance to my left, I probably wouldn’t be able to get much reading done. Still, I paged on, both because it was so nice and because I am deeply stubborn.

Just as Oliver was being forced through a window to rob a country home, I realized the high schoolers on the bench closest to me were staring at me. I looked up.

“Bonjour, Madame.” (more…)

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