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Reflections on a capital city

I hate tourists. After a solid summer of pushing my way through Times Square at rush hour, everyone with a fanny pack and a huge camera is the enemy. When you live in a city, you outgrow its tourist tendencies, and if you’ve lived in a big city, any big city, really, the tourists, wherever you go, start to annoy you. (more…)

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My arrival into France was heralded by some pretty stark reminders, both direct and indirect, of the French propensity for la manifestation, or protest.

In many ways which may seem foreign to outsiders, when the French are unhappy about something, they are not satisfied with blogging or complaining about the state of affairs on cable news. No, public dissatisfaction with lawmakers and governing officials can only be adequately expressed by taking to the streets. Or, by ignoring any attempts at imposing said regulations. (more…)

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