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I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, blog-wise, so, as a stepping stone to my eventual recovery and future regaling posts, I’d like to share something with you that literally just happened, so that you can be as up to date as humanly possible. This sequence of events was so cartoonishly representative of my life in Marseille that it, perhaps more than anything I’ve posted yet, deserves a place on this blog. (more…)

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Several months ago, I came across the website for an English immersion camp for French children and teenagers, I scanned their website, said “Hey! I speak English!” and decided that working as a counselor there might make a good way to stay in France over the summer after my teaching contract finished, if I so desired. I wrote the link on my desktop notepad and soon forgot about it.

Somewhere around the beginning of August, I rediscovered the link, and looking through it again, I noted that they had a fall break session, and were looking for two more counselors to work over the All Saint’s Day holiday (yes that’s right I got a week and a half off of school for All Saint’s Day. Suckas.). I applied, and after a 5am phone interview (thanks time difference), they hired me. (more…)

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